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Archive for the ‘1’ Category

Moving Day!!

Posted by ThePsychobabble on August 23, 2009

It’s moving day! I FINALLY got myself a domain! Of my very own even!
(More proof that I am a dork? The happy dance I did when I finally got it working.)
So I’ve moved, and you’re all invited along with me over to
See you there!


PS Don’t forget to reset your feeds in order to continue to get my posts in your reader!


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Thursday Thud

Posted by ThePsychobabble on August 13, 2009

Thursday Thud

Welcome to the start of Thursday Thud! Thanks to Anne over at Forever A Younger for organizing it, and giving me a topic to write about, because I? Am running low on things to blog about.

This week is “What made you decide to or want to blog?”

To be honest, the first blog I had was long ago, during a period in my life I don’t like to think about. (aka high school) To sum it up, I was a very effed up teen, with a ton of issues. My parents found journal after journal, but teh internetz? Was not their forte (at the time). So I started a blog and ran my mouth all over the internet.

There was another blog after that first one. It was a mix between the teen angst of my initial blog, and the grown-up bitching of this current one.

I shared way too much info about every aspect of my life. Which I tend to do.

I took a long break from blogging. It was a hiatus of almost 2 years. Then I started this one.

I started this blog with no regard for readership, or socializing (although I do love (most of) you all) It was for me. Because I like to run my mouth. All over teh internetz (some things never change)

And I have. I have used and abused this poor blog site to work through some of my issues, fights, and to get a handle on my emotions more than once. (before the Great Post Disappearance of 2009…back up your work people) It’s my outlet.

So to sum up why I blog, 1)I talk a lot and 2)I have issues.

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Posted by ThePsychobabble on July 24, 2009

Welcome to all the BlogHer@Home attendees who will be passing through tonight.

I’d write a really great post, where I welcome you, showcase my awesomeness of the conversational type, and sum up who I am, but….

1) I am a slacker, and frankly, that’s just aiming a little too high for me.

2) I stayed up late, chatting with you guys. Which was fun, and hopefully I’ll get to do it again tonight. But, still, late.

3) I need to get my butt in gear, and ready myself for this job interview. By doing things like, showering and finding clean clothes. I figure clean clothes would be a plus.

So let me just take a second to say welcome, feel free to poke around! Hope you enjoy yourselves, and I’ll be seeing you later.

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