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Posted by ThePsychobabble on August 17, 2009

BlogapaLOSEa is the brain-child of Lisa over at Unfiltered Insanity and Heather at The Mother Tongue.

If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty of it, the meat of the matter, the rules of the game, as it were….feel free to head over there. I’ll be here when you get back.


Okay, you have the gist of it now? Good.
So, on August 31st, in this here space, I will do things I have not done before.

I will post my ACTUAL weight.
I will post a full body shot. Of my body, even.
I will post the scale shot (although, I can’t promise that my scale is readable in a photo. It’s barely readable in person. If I remember? I will pick up a new scale.)

During the contest, I will post the above and I will also post where I failed that week, and where I stayed strong. In the upcoming weeks before this officially starts, PLEASE feel free to share your secrets with me!

Because funds are limited, I will most likely be doing this sans Weight Watchers, sans gyms…sans “official” help in other words.

My most likely downfall? The exercise thing. But, public humiliation accountability works wonders for me. Hopefully, it will in this area, too.

So cross your fingers for me, or better yet, sign up and join with me!


2 Responses to “BlogapaLOSEa”

  1. lisaunfiltered said

    Glad to have ya! I’ll have Heather contact you to set up payment!

  2. Robin said

    Good for you!

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