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Word Up

Posted by ThePsychobabble on August 3, 2009

I read.
Not just the backs of cereal boxes, or the ramblings of teh internetz. I read EVERYTHING.
I read mysteries, I read trashy novels, I read actual literature. If I’m bored, or sick, or whatnot, the surest way to cheer me up, or occupy my time, is to hand me a book.
I just love to submerge myself into the story. I like a book where it is effortless, on my part, to be caught up in the events, and the lives of the characters.

This is why I utilize my local library. I realized early on in my love affair with the written word that books? Can get expensive. Sure, a cheap paperback novel is only $8, but…1)by the time you buy four or five $8 books, it’s not cheap. and 2)the meatier books get more expensive.
My average spending price for a book, is about $25. I can’t read very many books if I have to pay $25 for the privilege.
But for the price of “free”? I can check out 4-5 books EVERY WEEK! (in the summer. If I’m not working…)

Plus, there is just something special about wandering through shelves of old books, that are creased and worn from all the other hands that they have passed through on the way to you. And the hush of muffled whispers(unless you’re near the children’s area) It leaves me feeling almost reverent.

And if I’m pressed for time, I can make a list of the books I want to read, reserve them in my own home, and stop by and pick them up in a day or two.

I encourage you this week to check out your local library.
See what they have going on.


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