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Parties I have Missed

Posted by ThePsychobabble on July 31, 2009

I’m a little jealous tonight. Seeing people celebrate some wonderful things, and I *am* happy for them, I swear. But I’ve been thinking of all the parties that I have missed out on. Throwing myself my own little (pity) party tonight…

The reasons that I’ve missed/skipped numerous parties and events vary; work, poor timing, social anxiety, depression, general broke-ness….

So, like I said, just having my own little pity party. Regretting the things I’ve missed out on.
But remember how I said I wanted to be less negative and more assertive and positive? This is where that is going to come into play.

I want this to change. Soooo…. instead of moping about it like I would have before, I’m going to change it.
Besides, clearly, no one else is going to show up with a magic wand, and throw me an awesome party.(although, if anyone is offering….)

Starting in August.
I want to have a party come August. For Truck’s B-day, The Man’s B-day, our anniversary (#5), and to celebrate all the new changes that we’re facing. My second year of school, The Man’s starting school, Question is starting 4K….and Truck is starting potty training. Definitely celebratory occasions.
I don’t want my kids to miss out the way I did.

You’re all invited naturally.


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