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Posted by ThePsychobabble on July 24, 2009

Welcome to all the BlogHer@Home attendees who will be passing through tonight.

I’d write a really great post, where I welcome you, showcase my awesomeness of the conversational type, and sum up who I am, but….

1) I am a slacker, and frankly, that’s just aiming a little too high for me.

2) I stayed up late, chatting with you guys. Which was fun, and hopefully I’ll get to do it again tonight. But, still, late.

3) I need to get my butt in gear, and ready myself for this job interview. By doing things like, showering and finding clean clothes. I figure clean clothes would be a plus.

So let me just take a second to say welcome, feel free to poke around! Hope you enjoy yourselves, and I’ll be seeing you later.


5 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. I haaaaate that I missed the chat last night. UGH!

    I totally love your reasoning for not writing a really great post. lol Were we separated at birth?

    So I’m going my BHAH09 blog hopping now and hoping (crossing fingers and toes and eyes and legs and arms and other parts that nobody really wants to visualize..heh) that I don’t miss the festivities tonight because if I do I will totally drink myself into a stooper and pout for the entire weekend. Really, I will.


  2. Vixen said

    Good luck on the interview. I am sure you will be great. But just in case, I would stay in the silkie shorts until just before you have to go 🙂

    I really enjoyed visiting with you and everyone else last night and I look forward to doing it again tonight. Sorry we kept you up so late (not), ha ha.

    See you later this evening.

  3. Hollie said

    Hi nice to meet you !

  4. Hope the interview went well!
    And you’re my kind a woman. Slackers unite!

  5. Kim said

    I enjoyed chatting with everyone at blogher@home. I am a total slacker I put no welcome post at all up on my blog to Welcome the other blogher@home attendees.

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